Organic Silica: Recommended Treatment

Loïc Le Ribault's Organic Silica


Intake Duration: 90 days. 

  • Regenerative Intake (First Month): 60 ml per day.

  • Reinforcement Intake (Second and Third Month): 30 ml per day.

Regenerative Intake: Is recommended in case of existing disorders, to take 60 ml in two doses of 30 ml per day, first in the morning, on an empty stomach and then 15 minutes before eating the successive meals. This dose is intended to achieve quick results. The efficiency of this treatment has been proven in a wide spectrum of cases. 

Reinforcement Intake: Take 30 ml per day divided in two doses of 15ml, on an empty stomach and 15 minutes before mealsThis dose is calculated to maintain the already achieved results and avoid future deficiencies.


 Maximum Bioavailability

Organic Silica Bioavailable

Depending on the concentration and bioavailability of organic silicon, the type of case and its seriousness, we will need more or fewer doses. Loïc Le Ribault's organic silica has the highest absorption value as per exhaustive clinical trials conducted by an independent research project in the UK. 

Doses equal the maximum ingestible amount per day. 

It is 100% digestible.


  • We recommend keeping it in the mouth, if possible, for a minute before swallowing to enhance the sublingual absorption of the product.

  • If we have a localized problem, Gel Organic Silicon is recommended for external application, we can use it in case of pain, swelling, wounds and scars.

  • No need to stop or suspend the treatment.

  • A higher than recommended amount is excreted in the urine. Our silica doesn't produce kidney stones, calculus or deposits. 

  • It has no side effects. 

Nutrient Interactions

Dr. Carlisle pointed out that silicon supplements are most effective when administered to a patient following a diet low in calcium, because it improves the absorption of silicon. Other studies ( Charnot and Perez ) found that the in the metabolism, calcium and magnesium are controlled by the silicon , increasing or decreasing its absorption.



The Silicium G5 Loïc Le Ribault ® Organic Silicon comes from Monomethylsilanol, Horsetail or Equisetum arvense ( ORGONO Living Silica, Silicium G5 Siliplant, ORGONO Sports Recovery, G7 Aloe Vera, & LLRG5 Vet Care ).

In gel, for external application, is Monomethylsilanol Formula . Depending on requirements it can be used orally or topically. It is marketed as a dietary or food supplement. In either case, containing monomeric silicon, soluble and stabilized it has a specific short molecular configuration to enable a total absorption .


Proven by Studies

Its effectiveness is proved by official tests and multiple testimonies of doctors and patients , supported by documents (clinical studies [ i ] , in vitro16 , blood tests , x-rays , photographs, TAC , etc. ) .

Their ability to increase the synthesis of numerous molecules such as collagen is observed in the following study : Alonso JC , " Dosage neo- synthesis of collagen ." Institut d'Expertise Clinique Espagne , 2008 , concluding that it induces a significant increase in the level of collagens of 19%.

Its effectiveness in the process of bone calcification is found in the following study:



Sublingual Absorption

It is advisable to keep the product in the mouth for at least one minute before swallowing to enhance the sublingual absorption. Absorption occurs in the capillaries of the underside of the tongue and once it passes the active ingredient into the blood via the carotid artery, it is incorporated directly into the circulation. The mouth’s PH facilitates the dissemination of numerous active ingredients bypassing the gastric pH



It's better to take continuously for one month, even if the return to normality is very satisfactory after a few days. It is generally recommended to start with 30 ml per day (15 ml on an empty stomach and 15 ml, in the evening).

After a month, one can decide whether the treatment is sufficient or should be continued, with the same doses, diminish or enlarge and whether adjunctive treatment (with other uses of organic silicon and / or medications or other supplements) is correct or must be modified. As a general rule we can say that if in a period of a few weeks there is no positive evolution of the problem, the dose should be increased.


Chrono - Pharmacokinetics

The most appropriate time to take Silicium G5 is before meals, specifically 15 minutes before and always on an empty stomach. The doses should be administered over two or three intakes (whether taking maintenance or intensive doses) throughout the day, to enable to get the maximum possible assimilation. This procedure is based on Chrono Nutrition studying the hour in which a nutrient is best assimilated.


Is it compatible with other treatments?

Authentic Loïc Le Ribault's Organic Silicon is compatible with any ongoing therapy because it is a natural complement. If the patient is required to take classic, allopathic or homeopathic medications we advise, for better efficiency, taking organic silicon separately, e.i one hour before or after taking other medicines .

A sense of itching or a feeling of heat in the body can sometimes be felt, a short time after taking organic Silicon, this is a normal reaction that fades after a few minutes. The sensations are sometimes in a very localized part of the body usually corresponding to a local condition, perhaps unknown at present.

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